International transport is the core activity of BENEXTRA d.o.o company.   We approach every project and job with great experience and attention of the whole team, aware that the most important thing for our clients is that shipments are delivered in the right place at the right time.

Our fleet is equipped with GPS devices, which enables real-time tracking of shipments and provides the client with additional security during the request realization.

With our own fleet and a large number of reliable subcontractors, we are ready to meet all client requirements as soon as possible. We are completely flexible for all client requirements, we organize full and partial loading, as well as groupage transport throughout Europe.

The fleet consists of own latest-generation vehicles by renowned manufacturers:

  • 35 trucks with up to 3.5 t load capacity and up to 44 m3 volume (cargo space measuring 6.5 x 2.45 x 2.6 m, 16 Euro-pallets)
  • 25 tarpaulin delivery vans with up to 1.5 t load capacity and up to 21 m3 volume (cargo space measuring 4.1 x 2.2 x 2.3 m, 8 Euro-pallets)
  • 10 furgon van with up to 1.5 t load capacity and up to 15 m3 volume (cargo space 4.1 x 1.7 x 1.8 m, 6 Euro-pallets)

Within the company, we have our own workshop service.
A professional team of mechanics who exclusively take care of our complete cargo fleet. The maximum commitment of the entire service team enables additional security in transport.
We have our own spare parts warehouse for all types of our vehicles, which speeds up regular services as well as complete vehicle maintenance.
We are also equipped for quick field interventions.
The workshop service is equipped with the highest quality tools and equipment (cranes, special tools, vulcanization equipment, etc ...)