The success of a company is the success of its people. Therefore, we always strive to hire, develop and retain the best staff and to create a pleasant and stimulating working environment, which will motivate people to give their maximum in everyday work.

Taking the initiative, teamwork, dedication, winning mindset and professionalism are values ​​and attitudes we nurture and want to develop in all our employees, as we believe that they are the basis of excellence and progress.

BENEXTRA doo has a constant vacancy for all those who recognize our vision and our goals as their own.

If you are interested in working in BENEXTRA, send your resume and state which job you are applying for. We will contact you as soon as the need arises that matches your interests and qualifications.


If you have work experience in international transport and B and C licence category, Benextra offers you the possibility of employment.


If you are communicative, ready for teamwork and are good at administrative and technical jobs, Benextra offers you the possibility of employment.


If you have experience in the field of finance and know English, Benextra offers you the possibility of employment.