We can offer groupage transport of goods weighing 1kg to 24t from all over Europe. We also offer groupage solutions for your goods in export. We have regular weekly departures from all over Europe. We specialize in groupage transport from Eastern Europe to the entire Balkans. (from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia to Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania). If you have imports from several countries during a week, we can arrange pick-up from all countries in a warehouse in Hungary to connect all your goods in one vehicle and deliver all your goods to you in one vehicle on Monday next week. We have daily departures from Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary). We have departures from Lithuania, Latvia every other day. We have regular weekly departures from Spain, France, Germany, as well as Russia and Belarus. The Benextra team has over 15 years of experience in organizing and realizing groupage transports. We have successfully organized over 20,000 groupage transports from all over Europe.