We specialize in fast deliveries of goods from all over Europe (export-import). The vehicles can accommodate up to 8 euro pallets with up to 1500 kg load capacity. We have over 35 latest-generation vans in our own fleet. The Benextra team has over 15 years of experience in organizing and implementing urgent transports throughout Europe. We have successfully organized over 7,500 urgent deliveries by vans. Delivery time (export / import):
  • Poland 24h
  • Czech Republic 24h
  • Slovakia 24h
  • Lithuania 48h
  • Spain 48h
  • Germany 24h
  • Russia 72h
  • Belarus 48h
  Due to the urgency of delivery, we can organize a double crew (another driver) and thus further speed up the delivery. We also provide groupage transport by vans from all over Europe with very fast arrivals. The advantages of van transport are the following:  
  • Vans on open roads have fewer travel restrictions than trucks.
  • Transport prices are more favourable compared to truck transport, when you require that only your goods be transported without loading other goods.
  • Vans do not have tachograph devices
  • If the delivery of goods is in the city centre, vans are not prohibited from moving on the central city streets, as is the case with trucks.
  Types and capacities of loading space of vans in own fleet:  
  • Classic furgon van, accommodating up to 5 Euro-pallets and with load capacity up to 1500kg (cargo space 4.1 x 1.7 x 1.8m, 6 Euro-pallets)
  • So-called "tarpaulin" delivery van, accommodating up to 8 Euro-pallets and with load capacity up to 1500kg  (cargo space dimensions 4.1 x 2.2 x 2.3m, 8 Euro-pallets)